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Wine and Dine

The spectacular Michelin starred restaurant of the Fortaleza do Guincho Hotel and Restaurant is, once a month, the setting for a special dinner which celebrates the relationship between wine and food. The stature and reputation of the restaurant is such that some might think it formal and too exclusive, and these dinners are also seen as a way of introducing the restaurant to more people, and showing that is more accessible than some think.

Guests at the wine dinner event who have never before experienced the Fortaleza do Guincho will be struck by the spectacular Atlantic Ocean view and the luxurious furnishing. It will, however, be the food and the wine, and especially their combination, which will make the biggest impact. In consultancy with Antoine Westermann, who earned 3 Michelin stars at his Le Buerehiesel restaurant in Strasbourg, the chef Vincent Farges will display Fortaleza do Guincho’s renowned “French with a Portuguese touch” cuisine in combination with specially selected wines.

The concept entails ignoring the normal order of first selecting a dish and then wine to accompany it. Chef and Sommelier will work together from the beginning on every combination of food and wine to ensure that they compliment each other perfectly.

For the event held in August, for example, the notoriously difficult combination of dishes with champagne was addressed. Henriot was the champagne house profiled, and their Brut Sovereign was first matched with an amuse bouche of duck liver and then with lobster. Henriot’s Blanc Sovereign, composed entirely of chardonnay, was then served to accompany two fish dishes, while the Brut Rose was superbly matched with duck breast with grapefruit. The desserts were cherries baked in Kirsch with cherry cream and fine layers of chocolate, followed by strawberries macerated in lime. And the other events promise to be as exciting.

Wine Dinner Events:

December: Dinner with Sogrape wines
November: Dinner with Encostas do Sobral wines
October: Presentation of Lillet liqueur and dinner with Bordeaux wines
September: Dinner with Raventos i Blanc cavas
August: Dinner with Henriot champagnes
July: Dinner with Quinta do Couquinho wines